A Timeline of the Churches

July 30, 1936First meeting of the Presbytery of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan held in Merrill, Wisconsin in the home of Rev. A. F. Perkins.
July 30, 1936Merrill Community Presbyterian Church in Merrill, Wisconsin was the founding church in the Presbytery, enrolled at the first meeting.
September 26, 1936First meeting of the Presbytery of Chicago with two founding churches represented - First Chicago Presbyterian Church in America and Glenwood Presbyterian Church
November 2, 1936The Presbytery of Iowa was organized with one congregation, the Princeton Presbyterian Church of Princeton, Iowa.
May 11, 1937The Presbytery of Wisconsin received into membership Calvary Presbyterian Church of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.
June 21, 1937Old Stockbridge Presbyterian Church in Gresham, Wisconsin received and enrolled.
June 30, 1937The Presbytery of Chicago withdraws from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in order to unite with the Bible Presbyterian Synod.
July 7, 1937The Presbytery of Iowa severed connections with the PCA (i.e. the OPC).
February 17, 1938Community Presbyterian Church in Merrill, Wisconsin was removed from the roll of Presbytery, having withdrawn into the Bible Presbyterian Church.
September 26, 1938Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was organized (April 29, 1938) and enrolled. It continued until April 29, 1949, when the church was dissolved by the presbytery at its own request.
March 24, 1939First Orthodox Presbyterian Church was organized and enrolled in Waterloo, Iowa.
April 24, 1939Atonement Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Michigan was organized and enrolled. On April 22, 1941 it was dissolved and erased from the rolls.
April 24, 1939First OPC of Waterloo, Iowa organized. In 1968 the congregation moved to Cedar Falls and changed its name to Christ Church of Cedarloo. The name was changed to Covenant OPC in the 1980's.
September 6, 1939The name of the Presbytery was officially changed from "The Presbytery of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan" to "The Presbytery of Wisconsin."
April 13-14, 1943Bethel Presbyterian Church in Oostburg, Wisconsin was received and enrolled.
June 19, 1950Westminster OPC in Evergreen Park, IL was received and enrolled in the Presbytery. In 1967 the name changed to Forest View OPC of Tinley Park, IL. On May 17, 1982 the church was dissolved and became Forest View Chapel of Tinley Park. They became a particular congregation once again on March 15, 1981, dividing from the church whose care they were under, Westminster OPC of Westchester, IL. Forest View Church reverted to mission status on February 4, 1984. It was recommended to dissolve Forest View on December 31, 1987.
July 26, 1951Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Hindsdale, Illinois (referred to as Westchester, IL) was organized (Feb. 20, 1951) and enrolled. Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church relocated to a new building in Westchester, Illinois in February 25, 1973. This congregation is now located in Indian Head Park, IL.
January 7, 1960Bethel Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, IL was organized and enrolled.
September 15, 1967Falls Presbyterian Church in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin was organized and enrolled.
November 28, 1967Spencer Mills Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Gowen, Michigan was organized and enrolled. On August 28, 1979 the Spencer Mills congregation was divided between Spencer Mills OPC and the newly formed Griggs Street OPC.
March 5, 1968The name of the Presbytery was officially changed from "The Presbytery of Wisconsin" to the "Presbytery of the Midwest"
September 13, 1968Grace OPC in Hanover Park, Illinois was organized and enrolled.
January 1973 - February 1975A mission work, overseen by the Session of Grace OPC in Hanover Park began in January, 1973 and continued as the Rockford Chapel until it was dissolved on February 1, 1975.
January 5, 1973Grace Chapel in Sheboygan, WI becames a mission work of the presbytery. On November 21, 1982, Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Sheboygan was organized and enrolled.
January 5, 1973A mission work was started in Janesville, WI. It became the Janesville Chapel on March 5, 1973 and was organized & enrolled as Christ Presbyterian Church on September 15, 1975.
November 1973Trinity Chapel began as a Bible study in Chicago. It was dissolved on September 15, 1980 but they urged the presbytery to continue to pray & seek opportunity to reestablish the work. On February 4, 1984 the reopened work received an organizing pastor and on February 20, 1987 they were received & enrolled. On March 15, 1996 the church was dissolved at the request of its members.
September 16, 1974Orthodox Presbyterian Fellowship in Gladstone (Escanaba, Delta County), Michigan was received as a chapel. The name changed to Delta County Chapel and finally Pilgrim Presbyterian Chapel. The chapel continued until the work was closed on December 31st, 1980.
March 3, 1975Green Bay OPC, later (1984) called New Hope Presbyterian Church in Green Bay, WI was received & enrolled.
March 3, 1975Grandville Ave. Gospel Fellowship in Grand Rapids, MI was received as a home mission work. Closed on March 9, 1979 (see Griggs Street Chapel).
1978-1982Presbyterian and Reformed Fellowship met in Rantoul, Illinois. Worship services continued until October 1980 and the Bible study until March 19, 1982, when New Life Chapel, Rantoul, IL was dissolved.
September 19, 1977Griggs Street Chapel in Grand Rapids, MI was received into the Presbytery. On March 9, 1979 the Grandville Gospel Fellowship in Grand Rapids, Michigan was closed & everything placed under the care of Griggs Street Chapel. On August 28, 1979 Spencer Mills OPC divided and part of the congregation went with Griggs Street Church which was on that date organized and enrolled, becoming a particular congregation. On August 13, 1989 its name became Harvest OPC.
September 19, 1977Trinity Presbyterian Chapel was formed in Decatur, IL and became Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church on July 21, 1979 when it was organized and enrolled. It was dissolved upon request by the presbytery on September 20, 1988.
July 1, 1979First Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan was received and enrolled. On February 21, 1985 the church informed the presbytery that they had changed their name to Community Presbyterian Church of Kalamazoo, MI.
October 7, 1979Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church was organized and enrolled in Libertyville, Illinois. Hope OPC reverted to mission work status at its own request on June 1, 1991. On September 16, 1994, Hope Chapel, Grays Lake, IL (formerly Libertyville) was dissolved.
March 14, 1980Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rochester, Minnesota was received as a chapel of the OPC. Members asked to be constituted as members on September 14th, 1981. It was reported that Westminster Presbyterian Church was dissolved on September 18, 1984.
March 13, 1981The mission work at the Zoar reservation, started though ministry by the Old Stockbridge congregation since they joined the presbytery in 1936, divided out of the Old Stockbridge Church and was constituted as a particular church on this date in 1981, becoming Menominee Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
September 19, 1983The Presbytery called the Rev. Larry Wilson to labor as an evangelist in Terre Haute, Indiana at New Life Chapel. The work was closed on September 16, 1985.
March 11, 1984Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Lansing, Michigan was designated a mission under the oversight of Spencer Mills OPC.
May 5, 1985Pilgrim Presbyterian Church in Metamora, Michigan was received and enrolled.
March 11, 1993Apple Valley OP Church of Neenah, WI near Appleton, WI was received as a particular congregation of the presbytery.
August 28, 1993Covenant OPC of Tinley Park, IL was received as a mission work of the presbytery, meeting at the Chicago Christian High School. In '94 they were meeting in Palos Heights, IL and on April 9, 1995 they were received as a particular congregation. By 1998 they were meeting in Orland Park.
July 9, 1994A mission work was organized in Springfield, IL and named Covenant Reformed OPC. On September 20, 1996 it was organized into a particular congregation of the Presbytery.
May 6, 1995New Covenant Community Church in New Lenox, Illinois was received as an unorganized mission work of the presbytery. On March 19, 1999 they were received as a particular congregation.
December 16, 1995 Covenant OPC of Cedar Falls changed status from a particular congregation of the presbytery to a mission work of the presbytery. On July 17, 1998 Covenant OPC once again became a particular congregation of the presbytery.
September 13, 1996New Covenant Fellowship Church (Covenant Church) in Independence, IA was put under the care of Christ OPC, Janesville and became an official mission work.
September 13, 1996Covenant of Grace in Batavia, IL became a mission work of the presbytery. On October 19, 2001 Covenant of Grace in Batavia, Illinois was organized and enrolled on the roll of churches.
December 7, 1996Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church of Des Moines, IA was received as a church in the PMW.
December 7, 1996The Chain-O-Lakes Church, Bellaire, MI was established as a mission work.
September 12, 1997Hope Presbyterian Church of Lindenhurst, IL became a mission work of the presbytery under the oversight of Grace OPC of Hanover Park, IL.
September 12, 1997Redeemer Presbyterian Church of Ada, MI was organized as a mission work under the oversight of Harvest OPC in Grand Rapids, MI.
September 12, 1997A mission work in London, Ontario Canada was recognized by the presbytery.
October 11, 1997Royal Oak mission work was organized as Providence OPC at the advice of Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills, MI.
September 12, 1997Rockford Springs Community Church became a particular church in the OPC. This work had been forming since interest developed in 1992.
September 17, 1999The Presbytery of the Midwest divided into the new Presbytery of Michigan & Ontario and the continuing Presbytery of the Midwest.
March 17, 2000Grace Reformed Church in Reedsburg, Wisconsin became a separate mission work in the presbytery. On September 14, 2007 Grace Reformed was organized & enrolled.
September 14, 2001Covenant Presbyterian Church of New Berlin, WI was recognized & established as a mission work under the guidance of Falls OPC, Menomonee Falls. On September 14, 2007 it was recognized as a particular church of the presbytery.
March 18, 2005Mission OPC in St. Paul, MN was received as a mission work. On September 18, 2009, Mission OPC was received as a particular congregation by the presbytery, with the service of recognition on October 2, 2009.
May 15, 2005The New Life Church in Independence, IA was received. Their final worship service was held on February 26, 2012 and the church was dissolved.
August 26, 2005Roberts Community Fellowship of Roberts, WI was received as a congregation of the presbytery and became Covenant Presbyterian Church of Roberts, WI. By 2007 they had moved to Baldwin, WI, and in fall of 2010 they moved to Hammond, WI.
December 27, 2005The independent congregation meeting in Momence, IL was received into the presbytery as Momence OPC.
March 16, 2007Liberti Presbyterian Church of Appleton, Wisconsin was received as a mission work. On September 18, 2009 the oversight committee of the Appleton mission work was dissolved.
March 16, 2007Geneva Presbyterian of St. Louis, Missouri was received as a mission work.
March 16, 2007Providence OPC of Rockford, Illinois was received as a mission work.
September 14, 2007Covenant OPC in New Berlin was organized as a new and separate congregation of the Presbytery of the Midwest
April 6, 2008Christ Presbyterian Church in Hazelwood, Missouri, having merged with Geneva OPC, was received & enrolled.
October 2, 2009Mission OPC in St. Paul, Minnesota was organized as a new and separate congregation of the Presbytery of the Midwest. Rev. John Shaw was installed as the Pastor.
March 19, 2010The Presbytery received mission works in St. Louis, Missouri (Gateway OPC), Doniphan, Missouri (Sovereign Grace Reformed Church) and Chicago, Illinois (Gospel Life Presbyterian Church). Also on this date the mission work in DeKalb, Illinois was closed.
September 16, 2011Providence Presbyterian Church in Madison, Wisconsin was organized as a new and separate congregation, with the Rev. Mark Jenkins being installed as Pastor.
September 14, 2012The church plant in Cedarburg, Wisconsin was closed
March 15, 2013A mission work in Eau Claire, Wisconsin was established under the oversight of the Session of Covenant OPC in Hammond, Wisconsin
February 23, 2014The mission work in Brainerd, Wisconsin was closed
October 17, 2014Sovereign Grace Reformed Church of Doniphan, Missouri was organized as a new and separate congregation of the Presbytery, and the Rev. Kent Harding was installed as pastor.
March 20, 2015Covenant Family Church of Troy, Missouri was received into the Presbytery
September 18, 2015A mission work in Shawano, Wisconsin (Covenant Life OPC) was received by the Presbytery, with the Session of New Hope OPC in Green Bay overseeing the work.