Churches Hosting Stated Meetings

2022 MarchMomence, IL
2021 SeptemberOrland Park, IL


Under the prior Presbytery of the Midwest

MeetingHost ChurchDistrict
2021 SeptemberOrland Park, ILDistrict-1
2021 MarchCedar Grove, WIDistrict-2
2020 SeptemberOostburgDistrict-2
2020 MarchGrayslake, ILDistrict-1
2019 SeptemberJoliet, ILDistrict-1
2019 MarchSheboygan, WIDistrict-2
2018 SeptemberHanover Park, ILDistrict-1
2018 MarchSchererville, IN
2017 SeptemberOrland Park, ILDistrict-1
2017 MarchCedar Grove, WIDistrict-2
2016 SeptemberJanesville, WIDistrict-1
2016 MarchWheaton, ILDistrict-1
2015 SeptemberSt. Paul, MNDistrict-3
2015 MarchGrayslake, ILDistrict-1
2014 SeptemberOostburg, WIDistrict-2
2014 MarchJoliet, ILDistrict-1
2013 SeptemberMenomonee FallsDistrict-2
2013 MarchOrland Park, ILDistrict-1
2012 SeptemberGreen Bay, WIDistrict-3
2012 MarchHanover Park, ILDistrict-1
2011 SeptemberSheboygan, WIDistrict-2
2011 MarchGrayslake, ILDistrict-1
2010 SeptemberWheaton, ILDistrict-1
2010 MarchMomence, ILDistrict-2
2009 SeptemberOostburg, WIDistrict-2
2009 MarchSt. Charles, MODistrict-3
2008 SeptemberHammond, WIDistrict-3
2008 MarchCedar Falls, IADistrict-3
2007 SeptemberOrland Park, ILDistrict-1
2007 MarchJanesville, WIDistrict-1
2006 SeptemberHanover Park, ILDistrict-1
2006 MarchCedar Grove, WIDistrict-2
2005 SeptemberOrland Park, IL.District-1
2005 MarchDes Moines, IADistrict-3
2004 SeptemberSheboygan, WIDistrict-2
2004 MarchWheaton, ILDistrict-1
2003 SeptemberIndian Head Park, ILDistrict-1
2003 MarchJanesville, WIDistrict-1

At the Fall 2008 meeting, presbytery decided to establish limits on how often it would accept invitations to host stated meetings from our more distant churches. Each church was placed into one of the three districts based on geographical proximity to the majority of churches. District 1 being most centrally located and District 3 being least centrally located.

District 1:  An unlimited number of invitations will be accepted from this district. The District 1 churches are: Crystal Lake, Elburn, Grayslake, Hanover Park, Indian Head Park, Janesville, Joliet, Madison, Orland Park, and Wheaton.

District 2:  Only one invitation from this district will be accepted every two years. The District 2 churches are: Cedar Grove, Menomonee Falls, Momence, New Berlin, Oostburg, Reedsburg and Sheboygan.

District 3:  Only one invitation from this district will be accepted every three years. The District 3 churches are: Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Green Bay, Gresham, Hammond, Neenah, Springfield, St. Charles, St. Paul, Wentzville and Zoar

Meetings in District 2 or 3 shall ordinarily be followed by a District 1 meeting