Leadership Resources

Officers and Committees

Officers* ∙ Officers of the Presbytery Open
Standing Committees ∙ Members of the Presbytery’s Standing Committees Open
Special & Temporary Committees* ∙ Members of the Presbytery’s Special Committees

Presbytery Meetings

Spring 2017 ∙ Documents of the stated meeting.
Fall 2016* ∙ Documents of the stated meeting.
Historical Minutes* ∙ Minutes of meetings from 1930 – 2001
Host Churches* ∙ History of and plans for location of presbytery meetings

Budget & Giving

Presbytery 2016* ∙ Presbytery’s budget and recommendations
Presbytery 2017* ∙ Presbytery’s budget and recommendations
OPC 2016 ∙ Denomination’s financial recommendations
OPC 2017 ∙ Denomination’s financial recommendations

Licensure & Ordination

Seminary* ∙ Seminary Education: Its Necessity and Importance
Licensure* ∙ Description of the Licensure Process and Requirements
Examinations* ∙ Exam information and samples
Letters of Recommendation* ∙ Description of the requirement for recommendations

Issuing a Call

Template (PDF)* / Template (Word)* ∙ Candidates and Credentials Committee’s template to be used for congregations preparing to draft a call to a minister.

Diaconal Needs

Assistance Request* ∙ The Diaconal Committee prepared this procedure for requesting diaconal assistance for individuals, pastors or churches in the Presbytery of the Midwest, along with a form that can be filled out in making the request.

Reusable Graphics

Graphics* ∙ The Presbytery of the Midwest Logo and Orthodox Presbyterian Church Logo (as used on the legacy site) are made available for your use.


* Links followed by an asterisk currently redirect to the presbytery’s legacy website.  They will be updated to the new site format as time permits. Be aware that the legacy site is no longer being updated so information found there may be out of date.


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