Standing Rules Proposed Changes

This proposed change was accepted as a first reading at the Fall 2021 stated meeting of the continuing presbytery (now PWM). It was also accepted as a first reading at the convening meeting of the new presbytery (PMW):


Ministerial Care Committee

A. Article V. of the Standing Rules be amended to change paragraph J. to introduce a new standing committee named the “Ministerial Care Committee”. In view of this change, the Overtures and Papers Committee be changed to paragraph K., the Youth Committee be changed to paragraph L. and Elections be changed to paragraph M.


B. Article V.J. to read as follows:

1. Shall consist of two experienced ministers and one experienced ruling elder, each serving for three years with one member elected at the spring stated meeting.

2. Shall establish a mentor relationship for new pastors to the presbytery, so that new pastors are contacted after their ordination or installation, in at least at the following increments: 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36 months.

a. The mentor can either be a member of the committee or someone appointed by the committee.

b. The mentor will report back to the committee after each contact and share any concerns or prayer requests.

3. Shall oversee a schedule in which each minister of the presbytery is contacted once per year (or more if requested or deemed necessary), and covering at least the following topics:

a. Personal and family physical, mental, and spiritual health

b. Financial well-being and adequacy of call

c. inquiry regarding diaconal needs (to be reported with permission to the Diaconal Committee).

d. Any personal or church-related concerns the pastor wishes to share in confidence and potentially seek counsel.

4. Shall seek to meet and offer counsel to pastors in crisis situations, including but not limited to personal crisis, church conflict, or allegations made against the pastor.

5. Shall coordinate with the Candidates and Credentials Committee on reviewing the terms of calls before presbytery.

6. Shall coordinate with the Church Visitation Committee on matters related to the ministry in the local church and/or Session.

7. Shall coordinate with the denominational Committee on Ministerial Care.


C. Article VI.L. of the Standing Rules be amended to change item 9. to Ministerial Care Committee (with elections in the Spring), that Overtures and Papers be changed to item 10., Youth Committee be changed to item 11. and LASR be changed to item 12.