Standing Rules Table of Contents




Article I – Meetings

A. Stated Meetings
B. Special Meetings
C. All Meetings

Article II – Officers

A. Officers
B. Duties

1. Moderator
2. Vice-Moderator
3. Stated Clerk
4. Assistant Clerk (Treasurer)
5. Archivist

Article III – Expenses

Article IV – Session Minutes

Article V – Standing Committees

A. Auditing and Budget
B. Candidates and Credentials
C. Christian Education
D. Church Extension
E. Church Visitation
F. Diaconal
G. Ecumenicity
H. Foreign Missions
I. Leaves of Absence & Sessional Records
J. Overtures and Papers
K. Youth
L. Elections

Article VI – The Docket

Article VII – Exceptions and Amendments

Article VIII – Trustees

Article IX – Situs of the Presbytery

Article X – Name of the Presbytery

Article XI – Articles of Incorporation



Appendix A – Rules for Keeping Presbyterial Minutes

Appendix B – Procedure for Selecting Commissioners to General Assembly

1. Timeframe
2. Ministers
3. Ruling Elders

Appendix C – Rules for Keeping and Submitting Sessional Records

1-10. Keeping Records
11-13. Submitting Records

Appendix D – Rules for Review of Sessional Records