November 19, 2021.

By call of our moderator, Alan Strange, the service that was scheduled for October 15th has been rescheduled to November 19th and combined with the installation of their pastor. See below.

The moderator of the Presbytery of the Midwest calls a special meeting of the presbytery on 19 November, 6:40 PM, at First OPC (South Holland), for the purpose of conducting a service of recognition of First OPC (South Holland) as a new organized church in this Presbytery, for the installation of the pastor and ruling elders of the congregation, and for any other matters germane to this purpose. The service will begin at 7:00 PM. Since the Presbytery had already determined to hold a special meeting for the purpose of recognition and elder installation on 15 October, which is now hereby rescheduled to this date, combined with the service of installation of the pastor, the moderator does not consider it necessary to cite any further emergent circumstances in justifying this meeting (as required in SR I.B.1).

This service is called upon the request below.

We, Rev. Bruce Hollister, Rev. Lane Keister, Rev. Peter Bringe and elders Keith LeMahieu (Joliet, IL) and Rob McKenzie (Indian Head Park, IL) request a special meeting of Presbytery on Friday, November 19, 6:40 PM at First CRC of South Holland (with the service beginning at 7:00 PM), to receive and recognize the congregation, to install the elders, and to install Rev. Daniel Svendsen as its pastor. Lane Keister will moderate (at the Moderator’s request), Iain Wright will bring the sermon, Bruce Hollister will bring the charge to the pastor and officers, and Richard Blauw will bring the charge to the congregation.

Grounds / background:

– After our presbytery meeting on September 17th, the session of First OPC realized a need to reschedule the previously appointed service of recognition and elder installation from its October 15 date to a later date. After consultation with the moderator, it was determined that it would be best to move back the service to November 19th and combine it with the service of installation of Pastor Svendsen.