Spring 2017

Presbytery Meeting

Event Posting ∙ Host Church information and other detail.


Late Arriving Documents

Note that these documents arrived too late to be included in the published single packet of documents
170317-DC-R-01 ∙ Diaconal Committee Report ∙ Added March 20
170317-EC-R-01 ∙ Ecumenicity Committee Report ∙ Added March 20
170317-OP-C-04 ∙ Joliet support for Orland Park’s overture ∙ Added March 17
170317-CC-R-02 ∙ Candidates & Credentials Committee Agenda ∙ Added March 18
170317-LA-R-01 ∙ Leaves of Absence and Sessional Records Committee Report ∙ Added March 18
170317-LA-C-16 ∙ Mr. Marsh, request for excuse (partial) ∙ Added March 17
170317-LA-C-16 ∙ Mr. Troxel, request for excuse (partial) ∙ Added March 20
170317-LA-C-18 ∙ Neenah Session, request for excuse (partial) ∙ Added March 17
170317-LA-C-17 ∙ New Berlin Session, request for excuse (partial) ∙ Added March 17
170317-MA-R-04 ∙ Ministerial Advisor Report: Janesville ∙ Added March 17
170317-MA-C-01 ∙ Session Augmentation Request: Gresham & Zoar ∙ Added March 17


Individual Documents


170317-DOCKET ∙ Draft Docket ∙ Updated March 12


I. Meeting Minutes

160916-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the stated meeting, Sep 16 ∙ Updated March 12
161021-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the special meeting, Oct 21
161027-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the special meeting, Oct 27 ∙ Updated March 12
161028-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the special meeting, Oct 28
161104-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the special meeting, Nov 4
161111-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the special meeting, Nov 11
170106-MINUTES ∙ Minutes of the special meeting, Jan 6


II. Standing Committees

A. Church Visitation Committee (CV)

170317-CV-R-01 ∙ Church Visitation (South) Report
170317-CV-R-02 ∙ Church Visitation (South) Report, St. Charles
170317-CV-R-03 ∙ Church Visitation (South) Report, Troy

B. Diaconal Committee (DC)

C. Ecumenicity Committee (EC)

170317-EC-R-01 ∙ Ecumenicity Committee Report

D. Foreign Missions Committee (FM)

170317-FM-R-01 ∙ Foreign Missions Committee Report

E. Overtures and Papers Committee (O&P)

170317-OP-R-01 ∙ Overtures and Papers Committee Report
170317-OP-C-01 ∙ Orland Park overture to split PMW
170317-OP-C-02 ∙ Indian Head Park support for Orland Park’s overture
170317-OP-C-03 ∙ Presbytery of the Dakotas overture regarding second services

F. Youth Committee (YC)

170317-YC-R-01 ∙ Youth Committee Report

G. Auditing and Budget Committee (ABC)

170317-AB-R-01 ∙ Auditing and Budget Committee Report

H. Candidates and Credentials Committee (C&C)

170317-CC-R-01 ∙ Candidates and Credentials Committee Report
170317-CC-C-22 ∙ Mr. Berghaus, Report
170317-CC-C-09 ∙ Mr. Borovan, PNYNE notice of transfer
170317-CC-C-15 ∙ Mr. Diehl, Commendation by Town & Country Committee
170317-CC-C-14 ∙ Mr. Edwards, Oostburg Congregational Meeting Minutes
170317-CC-C-27 ∙ Mr. Fikkert, Letter from Des Moines regarding call ∙ Added March 7
170317-CC-C-28 ∙ Mr. Fikkert, Des Moines congregation meeting minutes ∙ Added March 7
170317-CC-C-18 ∙ Mr. Jouf, Commendation by Orland Park Session
170317-CC-C-11 ∙ Mr. Keister, Letter from Momence regarding call
170317-CC-C-12 ∙ Mr. Keister, Call by Momence
170317-CC-C-13 ∙ Mr. Keister, Momence Congregational Meeting Minutes
170317-CC-C-19 ∙ Mr. Keister, Palmetto Presbytery (PCA) release for transfer
170317-CC-C-26 ∙ Mr. Keister, Commendation by Mr. Dyk
170317-CC-C-21 ∙ Mr. Keister, Commendation by Mr. Morgan
170317-CC-C-25 ∙ Mr. Keister, Commendation by Mr. Pope
170317-CC-C-16 ∙ Mr. Khanda, Commendation by Grayslake Session
170317-CC-C-10 ∙ Mr. Kretschmer, PNYNE notice of transfer
170317-CC-C-02 ∙ Mr. Lammé, Request to transfer to PMW
170317-CC-C-03 ∙ Mr. Lammé, Request from the Bible Society in Costa Rica
170317-CC-C-04 ∙ Mr. Mininger, Letter from Joliet regarding call
170317-CC-C-05 ∙ Mr. Mininger, Call by Joliet
170317-CC-C-24 ∙ Mr. Mininger, Joliet letter regarding installation service
170317-CC-C-06 ∙ Mr. Ritsman, Cover letter from Oostburg
170317-CC-C-07 ∙ Mr. Ritsman, Oostburg Congregational Meeting Minutes
170317-CC-C-01 ∙ Mr. Ritsman, Request for retirement with emeritus status
170317-CC-C-23 ∙ Mr. Tinsley, Report
170317-CC-C-17 ∙ Mr. Veldhorst, Report
170317-CC-C-08 ∙ Mr. Wingard, Request to transfer to PMW
170317-CC-C-20 ∙ Mr. Wingard, Presby. Of Philadelphia concurrence on transfer

I. Christian Education Committee (CE)

170317-CE-R-01 ∙ Christian Education Committee Report

J. Church Extension Committee (CHEX)

170317-CX-R-01 ∙ Church Extension Committee Report
170317-CX-C-01 ∙ Mrs. Gibbons, transfer notice to Heritage Presbyterian (PCA)

K. Leaves of Absence & Sessional Records Committee (LASR)

170317-LA-C-02 ∙ Cedar Falls Session, response to exceptions
170317-LA-C-04 ∙ Menomonee Falls Session, response to exceptions
170317-LA-C-01 ∙ Neenah Session, response to exceptions
170317-LA-C-03 ∙ Troy Session, response to exceptions
170317-LA-C-10 ∙ Mr. Churnock, request for excuse
170317-LA-C-11 ∙ Mr. Hacquebord, request for excuse
170317-LA-C-15 ∙ Mr. Jenkins, request for excuse ∙ Added March 10
170317-LA-C-08 ∙ Mr. King, request for excuse
170317-LA-C-14 ∙ Mr. Lems, request for excuse ∙ Added March 7
170317-LA-C-12 ∙ Mr. Mahlen, request for excuse (partial) ∙ Added March 6
170317-LA-C-13 ∙ Mr. Serven, request for excuse ∙ Added March 6
170317-LA-C-07 ∙ Mr. Veldhorst, request for excuse (partial)
170317-LA-C-09 ∙ Des Moines Session, request for excuse
170317-LA-C-06 ∙ Indian Head Park Session, request for excuse
170317-LA-C-05 ∙ Reedsburg Session, request for excuse


III. Officers & Ministerial Advisors

A. Stated Clerk

170317-SC-R-01 ∙ Stated Clerk Report
170317-SC-R-02 ∙ Stated Clerk Report, Recommendation on military chaplains
170317-SC-C-01 ∙ Request from the Trustees of the OPC ∙ Added March 5

B. Treasurer

170317-TR-R-01 ∙ Treasurer’s Report: 2016 Summary ∙ Added March 11
170317-TR-R-02 ∙ Treasurer’s Report: 2016 Transaction Ledger ∙ Added March 11
170317-TR-R-03 ∙ Treasurer’s Report: 2016 Pass-Through Funds ∙ Added March 11

C. Archivist

170317-AR-R-01 ∙ Archivist Report

D. Ministerial Advisers

170317-MA-R-02 ∙ Ministerial Adviser Report: Momence
170317-MA-R-03 ∙ Ministerial Adviser Report: Oostburg
170317-MA-R-01 ∙ Ministerial Adviser Report: Troy


IV. Special & Temporary Committees

Documents related to the temporary committees are no longer available online.  Please contact the archivist if you need a copy.  Requests will be reviewed in accordance with the presbytery’s standing rule II.B.5.e.


V. Miscellaneous Business